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Purchasing Originals or Digital Downloads

Original Artwork

When not on exhibition the original artwork under my Seeker Series, Urban Organic Series and Ordinary Affects Series are available for purchase. To ask about availability, pricing, purchase and shipping of any of these pieces, please email art@audrat.com.

Digital Downloads

A digital download is an electronic file of the original artwork. These digital files would be either in a JPG, TIFF or PNG format. The file can be purchased as a license for a one-time download for either commercial or personal use. Today these electronic files are popular as they enable art lovers to arrange their own display or printing and framing of artwork that they like. The files can be displayed on a digital screen, printed on a home computer or taken to a fine art printer. For commercial purposes, the artwork would be available for printing on other products such as facemasks or iPhones.


I am also exploring the creation of digital artwork that cannot be replicated, e.g. NFT art. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. For more about what that means, Forbes online has a great article called, NFTs, What Is An NFT? Non-Fungible Tokens Explained, by Robyn Conti and John Schmidt,


To ask about the purchase of either a digital file or to discuss an NFT, please email art@audrat.com.

Please see my refund policy for the original artwork and a digital download.